Kraut Source – for sale in our office

Beets + Jalapeño + Dill + Peppercorns

Fermenting your own food is simple! Kraut Source is a new kitchen tool which makes your own live-cultured, probiotic-rich superfoods. It’s owner, Karen Diggs, is a former Baumann College nutrition graduate and teacher at Cordon Bleu in San Francisco.  She invented an easy way to make small batches of fermented foods right in your own home. We are excited to share with you that we are carrying her product in our office.

Water + Salt + Food = great fermented flavors & natural probiotics

… in about 10 days in your kitchen

It’s fun and it’s easy!

Kraut Source lids fit on any wide mouth mason jar and allows you to ferment right in your kitchen.

We also love the ingenious packaging which is embedded with dill seeds that can be planted!

Great stocking stuffer!

$30 each

$12 recipe book

(tax not included)

For more on Kraut Sources at its process and recipes check out:

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