I am celebrating everyday of my new life. I am two years older, 90 pounds lighter and have dropped 14.2 points of my BMI. Life before my surgery health was not a concern of mine. I was extremely overweight suffered from reflux and a lack of energy I was very unhappy; but sadly had become content with the direction my life had gone.

I began working for the same medical foundation as Dr. Robert Woodbury, I became very intrigued when I would see all of his patients leave his office smiling and discussing amongst each other about the weight loss they were experiencing.

I meet with Dr. Woodbury and with his guidance researched the different weight loss surgery options and attended a seminar. Ultimately deciding I could no longer face this battle alone and needed the help and support of the healthy steps team. I opted to go with the lapband for many reasons it’s less invasive with no stapling or cutting and most important is adjustable to fit my personal needs as I progress done my weight loss journey.

I cant count how many times prior to sugary Dr. Woodbury tried to instill in my head this was not a quick fix, it was not a crutch to my existing problem, this is a life change and will require me to be dedicated to changing my lifestyle eating and exercising habits. When I first looked into having surgery it was strictly for cosmetic reasons and wanting to improve my appearance. Living in a society where thin and fit equals beauty my goal was to look good.

I learned very quickly I was in it for all the wrong reasons. During pre op preparation and testing I was informed I was at high risk for a number of life threatening health issues, my future and my health was in my hands. Since my surgery my life has taken a turn for the better; the thought of exercising used to make me tired, I now incorporate it in my everyday routine. I am able to pass on the knowledge and importance of healthy eating to my four sons. It is my responsibility to devote time to me my body and my health, I have reached my healthy weight. I have Dr. Woodbury’s support and constant encouragement to thank for the fact that my weight no longer controls my life.

– Jenifer