Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center offers the best in nutrition and behavioral health to patients in the Santa Rosa, California, area. Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center offers nutrition support, supplement customization, weight management, behavioral health, and more for pre- and post-bariatric surgery patients, people who want to lose weight without surgery, and diabetes sufferers who want to reduce or even stop insulin use.

The Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center team includes bariatric surgeon Robert Woodbury, MD, and a support team of registered dietitians who work together to help patients make healthy changes for successful weight loss. Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center offers a 12-week metabolic reset program that includes healthy and easy-to-follow low carb or modified Mediterranean eating plans. Patients get support in many forms, including incorporating delicious, healthy meal plans, learning how to shop for food, and making smarter choices at restaurants.

Patients also get ongoing help through a support group that includes others who are on the same weight loss journey. After more than seven years in business, Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center has hundreds of success stories. Patients love the fact that they can change their relationship with food, lose weight, and maintain the weight loss for the rest of their lives using the unique and highly effective support at Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center.

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Healthy Steps Therapeutic Lifestyle Center (TLC)

Who We Are

Healthy Steps Therapeutic Lifestyle Center (TLC) was created in 2010 in conjunction with the medical direction of local Santa Rosa bariatric and general surgeon Dr. Robert Woodbury. Our team includes nutritionists, personal trainers, exercise physiology, psychology and chefs. The center focuses on non-surgical and pre-surgical weight loss as well as wellness…

What We Do

Many of you know us from the Healthy Steps Bariatric and Metabolic Center, which has been here in Santa Rosa for over ten years helping people who suffer from morbid obesity through gastric bypass and other surgeries. The Healthy Steps Therapeutic Lifestyle Center opened its doors two years ago to provide a non-surgical option to weight loss and have already helped hundreds of people with this goal. We have also become a resource for local physicians who are seeking a lifestyle program for their patients.

We meet our patients where they are.

If you are ready to change, we are here for you.

These are our mission statements!

Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet – Have you been losing the same pounds over and over? Many of us do at some point. Combing the fat-burning effect of a low-carb diet with the phytonutrient-rich foods, omega-3 fatty acids, and healthy fats of the Mediterranean diet, this plan provides a program that is designed to help you shed pounds, reset your insulin receptors, and eat and enjoy food in a healthy manner for life.

Modified Mediterranean Diet – By now the alarm has been sounded: our standard American diet (S.A.D.) is making us sick. Think about our ancient human ancestors who were both extraordinarily active and able to easily gain weight in times of plenty. Now, our modern diet – rich in refined carbohydrates and heavy in red meat – has obliterated our ancestral ways. This has created an obese nation, a health crisis, and an often hard-to-escape cycle of weight gain, insulin resistance which leads to more pounds. Learning to eat our Modified Mediterranean Diet will introduce phytonutrient dense, low glycemic foods, focusing on less red meat, adding healthy nuts and oils, seasonal fruits and vegetables — all planned for you with recipes and menus to fit into your life!

Getting Back on Track classes – Periodically we have Getting Back on Track and Success Habits classes to help patients come together to learn more about a nutrition, metabolism, exchanging unwanted habits, and getting inspired with new ideas in a relaxing environment. We run these classes at the Lifestyle Center with both evenings and Saturdays available. We’re planning our next series now. If you want to be contacted just let Brenna know.

Blogs, Videos & Recipes – Our team spends hours every week developing blogs, videos and new recipes to provide tools and inspiration for your journey, no matter what stage you are in.

Support Network – We’ve built a network for those of you who like to use the internet! Our Facebook page is a hub for a growing number of our fans and so is our Twitter profile. There’s also our community forum on our Pinterest. If connection is what you are looking for, check us out!

Why We’re Doing It

In one way or another, everyone one of us here at Healthy Steps Lifestyle Center has a passion for helping people who struggle with weight or who desire to have a more positive relationship with food. Whether you come in to lose some weight, or just to feel better and reduce your medication, you’ll catch the enthusiasm in the air! We are always excited and talking about cooking, planting organic gardens, a new fun Sonoma County hiking trail or beach walk! We are constantly learning, talking and blogging updates about new mind shift going on in the country right now about health, sustainability and exercise.

We look forward to having you on board!

Our Therapeutic Lifestyle Center (TLC) Program

The Therapeutic Lifestyle Center (TLC) program consists of three phases:

Phase 1 is a 12-week intensive in which we target a plan to re-engage your metabolism to help you lose weight, have more energy throughout the day, and feel good.

Phase 2 is determined by your goals. Whether you enter this portion of the program for additional weight loss or to focus on your wellness profile, you will continue to receive individual nutrition guidance. Your meetings will include body composition monitoring, exercise program goals and reduction of stress.

Phase 3 is your maintenance phase! Now that you have attained your healthier weight and are feeling great you will have access to our nutritionists, chef and personal trainer as needed.