Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, or lap-banding, is a minimally invasive procedure that helps you lose weight by restricting the amount of food your stomach can hold. The band reduces your food intake to about one-third of your current consumption.

This laparoscopic procedure is performed with the aid of a miniaturized video camera and specialized surgical tools inserted inside your abdomen through a series of small incisions. During this procedure, we will place a silicone band, containing an inflatable cuff, around the upper portion of your stomach. The band is tightened to create two interconnected stomach pouches. The small, upper stomach pouch created during this surgery functions as your new stomach. Patients who undergo a Lap-Band® procedure usually stay in the hospital overnight and are able to return to work in a week.

An Adjustable Bariatric Procedure:

The inflatable cuff in the band is attached to soft thin tubing, which is, in turn, attached to an injection port. The injection port is attached to the abdominal muscle just underneath your skin. We will periodically adjust the tightness of the cuff during the weight loss process by using the injection port to add or remove small amounts of sterile saline. These adjustments can be done during brief office visits and are virtually painless.

Advantages and Benefits of Lap-Band® Surgery:

  • Because gastric banding does not involve bypassing portions of the intestine or permanently altering the gastrointestinal anatomy, it is associated with fewer post-surgical side effects.
  • It is the only procedure that is easily adjustable and fully reversible.
  • Lap-Band® patients will need fewer nutritional supplements as the likelihood of malnutrition is minimized.
  • This procedure is performed laparoscopically, which means reduced risk of infection and blood loss, and a shorter recovery time and hospital stay.

Risks and Considerations of Lap-Band® Surgery:

  • While the Lap-Band® is relatively safer than other bariatric procedures, it also offers a lower degree of weight loss potential at about ½ – 2 pounds per week.
  • The Lap-Band® requires a greater degree of follow-up than other bariatric procedures.
  • A medical device will be implanted in the abdomen permanently.
  • While it can be reversed, removing the band will likely cause weight regain over the long-term.